Hello! Thank you for making an appointment with esNAIL.


We are very excited to see you after all this time and hope that you have been doing well.


During this unprecedented time, we want to make sure that the health of our employees & clients are our top priority. Therefore, we have a list of protocols in place for your salon visit.

Salon Protocol - MUST READ
  1. Please come 10 minutes before your service so we can check you in.

  2. Upon entry, we will have a no-touch thermal scanner which will scan persons face for their temperature. Anyone who has a fever will not be allowed in. All employees and staff will be required to pass a daily temperature test.

  3. If you have a fever, we will ask that you reschedule with us when you are feeling better.

  4. Masks will be required for all staff and clients. Masks will be available for clients to purchase for a nominal fee.

  5. Please come alone to your appointment and on time. We will not accommodate extra family members, children or friends. If they come with you, they will need to wait outside.

  6. We’ve missed you very much but we ask: No handshakes or hugs for us at this time please.

  7. Your personal belongings will be stored in a box and you will not be allowed to touch them until your service is over.

  8. We will not be serving beverages/snacks in the salon. We also ask that you do not bring any beverages/food into the salon.


Cancellation Policy 

Please give us 24 hour notice when cancelling your appointment. Appointments canceled with less than 24 hour notice will be subject to a 50% cancelation charge.

If you change your selected services upon arrival, you will still be charged for the original service price/time booked.

COVID-19 Surcharge 

Our highest priority in the health of our employees and our guests. We have taken time to implement safety and preventative measures. Therefore we will be adding a COVID-19 surcharge $5 to your service total.

Parking Information

Located on the 2nd floor of Jose Eber salon. *NO validation for valet parking in front of the salon.

*FREE 2-hr parking on 9510 Brighton Way - Beverly Hills, CA 90210

*DO NOT PARK at metered parking. You won't be able to leave during service. If you're 30+ min, it'll be automatically cancelled.