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About Us


With Japanese flavor and style, we offer a large, calm comfortable space while providing services. We offer a variety of services which include nail service, eyelash extension, eyelash perm, waxing, and Swarovski crystal decorating. In case you would like to experience elegante satisfaction privately we offer a VIP room with a comfortable sofa chair. Upon request we can offer a variety of services performed at the same time. Japanese nail art is new to the states. We are excited about introducing concepts and designs to the states. In Japan we believe nails are fashion! We value all customers are nail techs are available to discuss all your nail needs. Our goal is for you to experience elegante satisfaction every time. We offer a variety of decorations for all your elegant designs. We want to offer you the best experience. We strive to improve technique and hospitality to make your experience the best.

Established in 2012. (U.S. store)

Founded in Japan in 2003, es NAIL has established itself as the premiere nail art salon in Japan. es NAIL's eye-catching designs and creations are executed with meticulous care by world-renowned nail artist Aiko and a team of es NAIL artists she has personally trained to always utilize only the finest materials and techniques. The amazing artistic creations of es NAIL are truly a phenomenon in Japan and have come to be recognized around the world. Finally, thanks to the electric new location on Melrose in Los Angeles, American fashionistas and beauty queens can enjoy the es NAIL experience first hand!

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